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For 12 years of work on the deltas, I have tried almost everything: small loads, heavy loads, free weights, exercise machines, machine tools, supersets, trisety combined sets - just do not count. 
I have deliberately and consistently experimented, as it is the only hgh injections for sale way to find out - what to you best, what works, and that - no. I have several degrees in 
exercise physiology and nutrition, so I do not need a mentor, slips the pill with the word Awesome Tablet-Dietki. And I never resorted to the help of personal trainers.

Everything I know I learned myself. Muscles tend to grow in response to constantly changing incentives. And all my improvisations are moving along several major rail. Deltoids divided into three head - front, middle and back, so I try during training delta work them all individually. Usually deltas training I have included one presses the movement. Bench allows me to exercise for one to get right for more than one head, and gives the opportunity to work with great weight, it is important to increase the size of deltas. The following gives a complex concept about my 
training deltas in general. What is important - the exercises are carried out only 
with a dumbbell, it enables them and the house. As a bodybuilder with the experience, I train once a week Delta, together with no more than 
another muscle group. If you are - a novice bodybuilder, it 
is possible to train a delta twice a week, but with a small 
load. Before each workout delta I is a five-minute warm-up for the warm-up. Taking a very light weights, I do various exercises on the delta, strictly controlling the execution technique. I want to be sure that my ligaments were fully prepared for the subsequent load. Bench dumbbell sitting. I often start training 
with a weight bench, an exercise is working most of the shoulder, in 
particular the front and side of the head of the delta. For this exercise, I prefer dumbbells because the neck makes this exercise very uncomfortable. Dumbbells, on the contrary, allow me to adjust the very nature and range of motion, it is more comfortable and gives 
the best results. If I work with more weight, I'm sitting on the bench 
with high vertical backrest for support. If a small - on a conventional bench, trying not to load back and doing the movement slowly and with extreme precision. I begin by holding the dumbbells at shoulder height, palms facing forward. The back is straight, your feet are so as to maintain balance. I cook I inhale, hold my breath, and start at the same time to press the dumbbells up, trying to keep them in a straight line. Many more similar to the trajectory arc, but in 
this case accounts for part load trapezoid. When the weights have been the most difficult part of the way, last quarter, I exhale. At the top I concentrate on that stretch deltoids, 
then I slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position. I stop I dumbbell slightly before reaching the end point, and do not 
put them on the shoulders, it is necessary to arm all the time, without a break, I was in suspense. Most bodybuilders change the intensity of the load due to the weight, the number of sets and reps, I'm changing the load due to the pace of the exercise. Thus, performing the exercise slowly, I make it more difficult, and the load on the muscles more intense. Alternately Wake up arms with dumbbells in front of you. Regarding the rest, front head deltas have always been the weakest part of my complexes. Ups hands in front of you is probably the best exercise for their isolation. To begin, I take a pair of light dumbbells in your hands. The body is straight, legs slightly bent at the knees for balance. Before you lift a dumbbell, I was a little straining deltoid, which is going to use. This means that during the movement arm will move the weight, and not vice versa. From this point forward I lift weight 
-up, before him, arm straight, with a slight hgh injections for sale bend at the elbow. At a time when the arm becomes parallel to the floor (this is - the end point), I feel an intense contraction in the front head of the delta. Thereafter, I give muscle (not gravity!) Slowly lower the weight of the starting position. The movement is repeated with the other hand, and so, alternately, I perform 10-15 repetitions per side. Note 
that I am using for this exercise is light dumbbells. Biomechanics of this movement is that the use of large weight is simply impossible without loss of control. And besides, it is not necessary. If you do exercise precisely and correctly, 4-kilogram dumbbells couple completely devastate the working muscles. WIRING aside. This exercise shifts the emphasis to the load side of the head deltas. 
Just as in the previous exercise, I stand and hold a dumbbell in the lowered hands, but this time I raise them at the same time and through the sides. Elbows slightly bent and the hand is held in the original position so that the arm movements before the start was already tense. The movement only occurs in the shoulder joint. Lifting weights, I bring them a little (but not too far) ahead. And if you take a smaller weight, it is possible to raise the dumbbells and strictly by hand, in the plane of the body. When the arms are parallel to the floor, the movement ends. The negative part is slow and without loss of control, I resist the force of inertia, which throws the dumbbell down 
and help me to start the next iteration. When performing this exercise is useful to look at myself in the mirror for traffic control. If clean, without moving the upper body, it does not get the exercise you need to take a lighter weight. Piping in slope. If my front head - my weakest part, the rear - my pride. Probably due to the fact that they are located close to the back, which 
I have always been proud of, back of the head has always responded well to everything I did with them. So I always put them in the deltas of the zaklyuchitelnyyu workout. Wiring in the slope like a conventional layout, the only difference is that the knees are bent more and the body not straight but tilted forward. Keeping your back straight and your elbows - 
slightly bent, I pick up a pair of dumbbells at the same time in hand, just as in the previous exercise. But by changing the 
position of the body, the load is shifted to the side of the head to the rear of deltas. I concentrate on them his attention, raise hands with 
dumbbells up until then, until they are parallel to the floor, then slowly lower back. If you feel discomfort when performing this exercise, try to lay down a breast on an inclined 
bench for support. Another trick: Ask someone to 
keep your fingers on your back head of the delta at the time, when you podnimaesch dumbbells. So you'll know exactly where there is tension in this exercise. Remember, what you are doing - it is very important, but how you do it - the real key to success. By learning to focus on the working muscle fibers, rather than 
on what you're working with some weight, you work your way hgh injections for sale to a stunning body.

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